The Market.

  • E-Commerce

The Overview.

  • GlerupRevere Packaging is a division of The RevereGroup, a third-generation family business established in 1938 serving the confectionery and gourmet foods industries. A client of ours since 1999, we’ve worked on three updates of their site since developing the original. Glerup’s Website accounts for over 35% of their annual sales income.

The Details.

  • Developed a true, custom, e-commerce application from the ground up.
  • Developed custom administration tools that allow Glerup staff to update featured items, what's new, and other product-related pages.
  • Integrated site with their in-house product database, which controls online inventory and updates product navigation, subnavigation, product details, and SKU translations automatically.
  • Most recently, increased visual real estate, enlarged thumbnail photos, enhanced navigation, and cut down on ordering steps.
  • View: Live Website

The Service.

  • Design, and Development using ColdFusion, SQL, and CSS.
  • Inventory integration with in-house product database (AddOn)