The Market.

  • Health and Beauty

The Overview.

  • We’re especially proud of this project, which won two Summit Creative Awards (Silver and Bronze) in 2008. Bringing our client’s vision to the Web, we built Genesis, a food-journaling tool that documents the user’s daily food intake, creates recipes, updates statistics, and more. Immediately it became an important resource for users, who use it to gauge their "transformation" from start to finish.

The Details.

  • Developed custom, award winning, online food journaling tool from clients Intellectual Property (her process, philosophy, and vision).
  • Designed and built award-winning front end (what you see)
  • Built custom administration tools that allow staff to manage the food database, update and review client information, update content on Web site, and communicate with clients.
  • Genesis uses a simple yet effective Ajax implementation: includes display-as-you-type results, calculations composed on the fly, and more.
  • View: Live Website

The Service.

  • Web Strategy, Design, and Development using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Ajax.