How We Do It (the work plan)

We are focused on your needs and delivering a web solution that is on time, within budget and exceeds your expectations.  We accomplish this by delivering each project in a five phase approach: discovery, define, design, development, and deployment.  Based on the intensity level of your project these phases take shape accordingly to ensure we never over-engineer a project.  Although the phases will remain the same, the steps within each phase may be increased or reduced.

DISCOVERY. To start on the right foot, we establish communication protocols, learn more about your business, discuss your objectives, research your user audience, and determine a measurement of success.

DEFINE. A blueprint for your project is created, based on a comprehensive Information Design process. Our goal is to define the users (your customers) and develop functionality requirements for the project. Here, we use structural diagrams and functionality documents to identify the direction of your project and hand it over to our design team.

DESIGN. For visual design, we take the elements that emerge from the Information Architecture process and establish the “look and feel” of the project. The design will provide an unobtrusive interface that blends images and words into a clear, meaningful message.

DEVELOPMENT. Next, we code your project in its specified environment. At this point, we “lock-down” the project in order to finish coding in the most efficient and timely manner. From design, to code, to database development, your project takes shape.

DEPLOYMENT. Once it’s ready, we begin testing your project on SnowDog’s in-house servers and operating systems - to ensure all quality and spec requirements are met. All bugs are squashed. Once we are all satisfied, we transfer your project into a live environment.

MAINTENANCE. When everything is live, we enter our 6th phase – maintenance. We monitor the performance of our solutions, analyze feedback and make refinements as the situation dictates. Then, we start the process over again for the next project. Wasn’t that fun?

web-based expertise.

  • Web Design
  • Experience Design
  • Web Application
    Design and Development
  • System Integration
  • Interactive Design